Vinyl Loop

Our Vinyl Loop matting is a great solution for your pool, shower, or any other space where water drainage is needed. These drainage vinyl mats are designed to reduce slip-fall accidents as well as ensure that your surfaces stay dry, no matter how much water they might encounter. They’re soft and comfortable on bare feet while still remaining durable enough for years of use.Specifications. Our mats are designed to drain water and enhance traction to prevent slip-fall accidents while looking great and standing up to the elements.

Comes in 1.5M wide and 15 M long Long.

Our Vinyl Loop matting is:
• One of the most economical swimming pool deck mats on the market
• Available in six stunning colors
• Made from reliable vinyl material
• Easy to cut down on site to your exact sizing needs or accommodate pipes and or fixtures

Application Area

  • Perfect for swimming pools, locker rooms, saunas, showers, decks, hot tubs, wave simulators, etc. Not recommended for very high traffic areas where shoes are worn.