Hollow Rubber Mats

Hollow Mat is commonly used to allow the free flow of water from horse and groom and provides a firm surface for both wet areas and washing down zones for animals. The Hollow Mat is ideal for lifts, large kitchens, businesses, corridors, mall office crossings, and other similar locations for water and airflow.

Advantages of hollow mats

For several purposes as commercial, manufacturing, and household flooring Hollow Mats can be used extensively.

  • The significant advantage of using these mattresses is that they ensure protection, as they provide slip-resistant and sturdy surfaces to help avoid accidents.
  • This series can be used for commercial applications to provide a durable, multi-year flooring solution. The best way to use these mats is to provide secure spaces for children to play.
  • For wet areas like swimming pools and shower areas, Hollow mats offer an excellent alternative, providing a slippery surface and avoid accidents


  • Type: hollow mat
  • Product Name: hollow Mat
  • Material: 100% Rubber
  • Usage: Outdoor, Indoor