Elmuko Rubber Paving Tile, also know as Rubber Paver, is made of recycled crumb rubber to provide innovative and environmental friendly solution of waste. The main safety properties of rubber pavers include anti-slip and shock absorbing to prevent serious fall injury.

 Elmuko Rubber Pavers are available in a variety types of shapes and patterns, where each and every option is designed to allow fast and easy installation with or without adhesive onto hard substrate. The high density of these rubber pavers also makes them extremely durable to be installed at heavy-duty or high traffic areas.

Non-Toxic, Environmentally and Animal Friendly Recycled Materials

Excellent Noise and Vibration Absorption and Thermal Insulation

High Flexibility, Resilience, and Frost Resistance

Conform to Density Requirements for Superlative Impact Absorption

Easy Installation, Maintenance or Replacement

Anti-Slip Surface for Fall Prevention


  • Equestrian Area
  • Garage
  • Rubber Tiles or Mats Production
  • Horse Stable and Animal Barn
  • Patio
  • Rubber In-fill for Synthetic Grass Field
  • Walkway or Balcony
  • Playground
  • Golf Course Area

Color Options

Pigmented Topping