Elmuko Rubber Border is made specifically for the use in landscaping and gardening for any recreational or playground areas. Designed with a special and functional interlocking system, the rubber borders can be connected effortlessly to create a seamless edge that help keep rubber mulch, soil, or other gardening substances in place.

Elmuko Rubber Border is a great alternative to hard edging materials owing to its safety features as well as design flexibility to form any shape.

Product Features & Benefits

Non-Toxic and Environmentally Recycled Materials

Excellent Shock and Impact Absorption to Minimize Risk of Injury

Pin-Connecting Interlocking System to Allow Design Flexibility

Easy Installation, Maintenance or Replacement


The main application or function of rubber border is to hold loose rubber mulch, soil or rocks in place, acting as a ‘curb’ in landscaping, gardening, playground edging system.

Rubber Border Options

Rounded Border

Stack Border