Designed to perform in different range of temperatures and extreme weather conditions, Miroad TPV granule is the top-grade choice for pour-in-place rubber safety surfaces.

Using premium grade polymer as a base element in the compound structure, the manufacturing of Miroad TPV combines both peroxide- and thermoplastic-vulcanizing technology. This enhanced curing process allows Miroad TPV to achieve an even more stable formation of cross-links between long rubber molecules and result in improved aging properties.

Product Features & Benefits

Peroxide and Thermoplastic Curing to Achieve Exceptional Aging Properties

Superior Chemical and Abrasion Resistance for Longer Life Span

Highly Advanced Granulating Technology for Variable Granule Sizes

Standard-Compliant Hardness for Superlative Impact Absorption

Improved Color Stability and Color Permenance

Enhanced Resistance to Extreme Weather and Ultraviolet Light

Additional Especial Benefits

The utilization of peroxide- and thermoplastic-curing technology enables Miroad TPV to achieve comparatively excellent physical and chemical properties than EPDM Granules or other TPV Granules in the market, these advantages include:
  • High Versatility, Flexibility, Elasticity and Durability : Better Flooring Performance
  • Resistance to Chemical, Impact, Abrasion : Low Maintenance and Long Life Span
  • Consistent Size Distribution and Color : Facilitate Smoother Installation Process Better Rubber-Binder
  • Compatibility : Consume up to 30% Less PU Binder