Gym Rubber Mats 101

Gym Rubber Mats 101: A Comprehensive Guide on All You Need To Know

Are you looking to outfit your commercial gym or upgrade your home gym flooring? Well, gym rubber mats are the ideal flooring option in your exercise space. A high-quality gym floor is vital when designing any workout space. Gym rubber mats protect your flooring from heavy equipment damage while enhancing the safety and comfort of users performing floor exercises and other workouts.

According to Eric Tolle, a gym owner and founder of the Trainers Edge, “Gym rubber mats help to protect the floor underneath, are easy to clean, and dampen the noise of weights hitting the floor.” This blog serves as a guide to help you invest in the ideal rubber flooring option to meet your specific gym needs. Read on to learn more;

What Is a Gym Rubber Mat?

A gym rubber mat is a flooring material used in gyms, fitness facilities, and other workout spaces. It’s a resilient, rugged, and durable rubber flooring that provides a non-slip surface, support, and cushioning during exercise and training. They also absorb shock to reduce the impact on joints during body movement.

Gym rubber mats come in different sizes, thicknesses, and designs to meet various workout equipment and activities preferences. The rubber mats are also easy to clean and maintain.

The 6 Reasons Why Gym Mats Are Important

Gym rubber mats offer essential functions in gyms and sports facilities that benefit gym owners and fitness enthusiasts. Gym owners and fitness enthusiasts want a safe and comfortable workout environment, and rubber mats make the ideal flooring material.

Here are reasons why rubber mats are essential in your gym;

1.    Enhancing Comfort & Safety

Gym rubber mats provide a non-slip surface that helps prevent accidents and injuries during workouts. Rubber matting provides a comfortable and safe surface that can reduce the impact on joints. They also offer a secure non-slip surface to prevent injuries during footing exercises.

Rubber flooring secures gym equipment firmly in place to prevent accidents and injuries arising from unstable workout machines or sliding. Rubber mats prevent severe joint damage after repeatedly exercising on hard surfaces such as concrete, hardwood, and linoleum tile.


2.    Floor Protection

Some pieces of gym equipment are heavy, full of abrasive surfaces, and have sharp edges that can damage the floor. Gym rubber mats protect the underlying flooring from being cracked, scuffed, or gouged by use or accidental drops. The mats cushion and protect the flooring from heavy use, wear and tear from workout equipment, and foot traffic.

Sound & Vibration Reduction

Gym rubber mats lower the noise levels in a workout space. Floor exercises, equipment, and heavy weights are known to cause much noise as they are slammed on the floor or Weight rack. Rubber mats lower the echoing levels of noise in the gym, making them the ideal flooring option.

3.    Improving Performance

Gym rubber mats enhance the workout experience by providing a stable and comfortable exercise surface. The mats enable gym users to improve performance by providing better traction and lowering fatigue. They also offer better concertation levels since gym users are less distracted by sounds and vibrations in a multi-use facility.

4.    Versatility

Gym rubber mats come in different sizes, thicknesses, and designs to accommodate various workout equipment and activities. They can be custom-cut to fit any space, providing a seamless look and making creating different workout zones within a gym easy.

5.    Easy To Maintain

Gym rubber mats are easy to clean and maintain. They are easy to sweep or vacuum when removing dirt and debris. They can be mopped with a damp cloth or disinfectant to keep them clean and sanitary.

The 6 Types of Gym Rubber Mats

Several types of gym mats are available, each designed for specific purposes. Your choice of gym rubber mat depends on the workout or activity at play. Choosing a rubber mat that aligns with the training provides a safe and comfortable workout space.

Here are the common types of gym rubber mats;

1.    Interlocking Gym Mats

Interlocking gym mats are designed to be connected like puzzle pieces, creating a seamless and stable surface for workouts. The mats are easy to install as a DIY project and cover large areas.

2.    Yoga Mats

Yoga mats are thin, lightweight, non-slip mats designed to provide a comfortable surface during yoga sessions and other low-impact exercises. The mats are made from materials such as PVC, rubber, or cork that offer good traction and grip.

3.    Foam Gym Mats

Foam gym mats are soft, cushioned foam that provides a comfortable exercise surface. They are ideal for activities like stretching, gymnastics, and martial arts.

4.    Crash Mats

Crash mats are thick, cushioned mats that provide a safe landing surface during high-impact activities such as gymnastics, parkour, and acrobatics. The mat offers excellent shock absorption and is made of foam or rubber.

5.    Tumbling Mats

Tumbling mats are similar to crash mats but are explicitly designed for gymnastics and tumbling activities. The rubber mats are thicker and more expansive than regular gym mats, offering a non-slip surface for landings.

6.    Martial Arts Mats

Martial arts mats are specially designed for martial arts and combat sports such as karate, judo, and MMA. The mats are made of form material and offer good traction and shock absorption.

The 5 Key Factors To Consider When Purchasing Gym Rubber Mats

Choosing the right gym rubber mat can be overwhelming for fitness enthusiasts and gym owners who want to create a safe and comfortable workout environment.

Here are essential factors to consider when purchasing gym rubber mats to aid you in making informed decisions;

1.    Material

The material composition is the first factor to consider when purchasing gym rubber mats. Rubber mats come in three types of rubber: natural, recycled, and synthetic.

Natural rubber mats are eco-friendly, durable, and provide good traction.

Recycled rubber mats are made from recycled tires, making them eco-friendly and have similar benefits to natural rubber mats.

Synthetic rubber mats are cost-effective but not as durable as natural or recycled ones.

2.    Thickness

The thickness of the gym rubber mat is also an important consideration. A thicker mat provides better shock absorption and is suitable for high-impact activities like weightlifting and cardio exercises. Thinner mats are ideal for low-impact activities like yoga and stretching.

3.    Size

The size of the gym rubber mat should be chosen based on the workout space available. Mats come in different sizes, and selecting one that fits the open space while accommodating the workout equipment is essential.

4.    Design

Gym rubber mats are available in different designs, including interlocking, roll-out, and straight-edge mats. Interlocking mats cover large areas and are easy to install. Straight edge mats provide a seamless look and can be custom-cut to fit any space. Roll-out mats are portable and easy to move around, making them suitable for home gyms.

5.    Durability 

The durability of the gym rubber mat is another crucial factor to consider. A durable mat is essential to withstand heavy foot traffic and the weight of exercise equipment. Look for mats that are resistant to wear and tear and can handle heavy use.

Durable gym flooring forms an essential part of a gym facility. The flooring material of choice should offer ultimate safety and comfort to users while withstanding wear and tear. Gym rubber mats come with many benefits making them an excellent flooring material for the gym. They are durable to withstand abuse and offer slip resistance to enhance safety.

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